Industries We Serve

For Growers

Supporting our growers for more sustainable crops

Indoor and Vertical Farming

Fruit ripening and extraction: Optimize fruit quality and harvesting by attaching sensors directly to fruits as well as other parts of the plant to understand the intricacies of fruit ripening as well as other plant watering needs. 

Air flow optimization: Air movement is critical for plant growth, both for strengthening and keeping the humidity optimal for each part of a plant.

Lack of air flow will cause:

  • Insects
  • Pathogens
  • Limit water loss needed for cooling
  • Limit nutrient uptake
  • Limit CO2 capture

Our sensors are delicate enough to be directly placed on leaves so that growers can calibrate air flow and help avoid the common “brown tip” problem associated with nutrient limitations.

Optimizing cannabis production: Monitoring plant water status to control stress, improve propagation, and alter cannabinoid profiles pre, and post-harvest.

Greenhouse Production

Monitoring hydroponic tomato production for water conductivity and usage, plant stress, and fruit ripening. 

Ornamental plant cultivation and maintenance: Tracking complex water needs for even the most fickle plants.

For Researchers

Say goodnight to pre-dawns! We get you continuous data for your plants. (so you can sleep in)

Our Field Research

Sorghum monitoring: Months of continuous data in sorghum fields at the New Mexico State Agricultural Research Center and in rainout shelters at the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana

Tree monitoring: Weeks of continuous monitoring of xylem and phloem weighted branch tip water status across a tree canopy

Our Lab Research


(Principle Investigator: Phil Miller, Sandia National Labs): Monitoring root function in real time with microneedles and micro-gas analyzers.

NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity

(Principle Investigator: Dr. Jonathan Shaw, Duke University) Tracking peat moss (Sphagnum magellanicum) drying thresholds across a latitudinal gradient.


(Principle Investigator: Jennifer Rudgers, University of New Mexico) Examining the effects of endophytes on plant water status during drought for blue grama.


(Principle Investigator: David Hanson, University of New Mexico) Monitoring the relationship between leaf water status, water loss, and CO2 uptake.


(Principle Investigator: James Werner, Los Alamos National Laboratory) Developing a new quantum “ghost imaging” system for water content and plant health using entangled photon pairs.